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Top 5 Apps For Students!

Smartphones and tablets can be best used in education if you can find right apps. Here are top 5 apps that help students from keeping up with their class schedules to do research and to do group projects. Go through the details below and find the links from where you can download these apps.

My Class Schedule: Timetable (By Sebastian Mayer)

Student life revolves around time tables. But now you don’t have to pen it down in a notebook as apps such as this one let you store all information including schedules, homework, exam dates, etc. Easy to use, this app requires you to feed in all the relevant information to keep reminding you about upcoming classes and exams. The time table is colour coded and easy to read. It also has the feature to automatically mute the phone during a class.

Wolfram Alpha: (by wolfram alpha, LLC)

A must-have application for students, Wolfram Alpha uses its vast collection of algorithms and data to compute answers and generate reports. The app covers a number of domains categorised in mathematics, physics, chemistry, statistics and data analysis, engineering, astronomy, earth science, life science, transportation, etc. This is a complete computational knowledge engine that comes in really handy with instant answers to your queries.
*Android, iOS: Rs164.24


When you get stuck at a word, all you need to do now is open this app and search. The app features English Dictionary and Thesaurus with over 2,000,000 definitions, synonyms & antonyms, daily content including Word of the Day, the hot word & slideshows, audio pronunciations, idioms & phrases, voice search and search history. A notable alternative is the Merriam-Webster dictionary for Android.
*Free: iOS, Android, Windows Phone,

Dunno (by spacestation6 Inc)

The power of the Internet has made it much easy to research away from the college library (not to mention the great volume of information available instantly). Dunno takes research to a different level by looking up and compiling all possible resources available about a topic online. So there are sections for web pages, blogs, Wikipedia, images, news, even tweets.* Free: iOS

Trello (by Fog creek software)

This collaborative tool allows students to do group projects with ease. Students can systematically organise projects and delegate work while others can add inputs and comments. It also lets students interact with their classmates and keep track of what each person is doing.
* Free: Android, iOS

Posted By Mantosh Pal