Top 10 Cyber Incidents In 2013

Kaspersky Lab
Kaspersky Lab (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

India:The ever expanding internet space is also defining new threat landscapes which need to be urgently addressed. 2013 witnessed advanced and large-scale threat operations including groups that were available “for hire” that perform hit-and-run operations. Hackers were constantly in the news, together with the term “leak” or “stolen” in terms of some valuable information or money. The top 10 cyber incidents of 2013 are listed as compilation by Kaspersky.


#1. New “old” cyber-espionage campaigns

The majority of the cyber-espionage campaigns that Kaspersky Lab’s analysts have seen were designed to steal data from governmental agencies and research institutionsRed October, NetTraveler, Icefog and MiniDuke all behave this way. The most widespread campaign of the year was NetTraveler espionage which affected victims from 40 countries all over the world. For the first time ever cybercriminals harvested information from mobile devices connected to the victims’ networks – clear recognition of importance of mobile to hackers. Red October, MiniDuke, NetTraveler and Icefog all started by ‘hacking the human’. They employed spear-phishing to get an initial foothold in the organizations they targeted.

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