Like Marketer’s It’s Time To Stop Thinking!

What is there to take to realize there’s our better way to do things?


With the lack of attention and priorities on a thousand other things in life, your target audience is focused on themselves more than they are on you.

Marketers are constantly testing, assessing and doubting advertising on social networks, but rather than questioning the platforms, shouldn’t we be questioning the methods? We spend so much time trying to target the right audience through demographics, psychographics, behavioral targeting and other market research methods, and then we put our messages on the platforms that reflect these figures.

But even though their types may be represented on the networks and outlets we’ve chosen, will they really care about what we have to say? After all, if consumers aren’t coming around to the way we want them to think, shouldn’t we be pausing to consider how we view the world through their eyes? When companies spend so much time and energy on the creative assets – to the point where they fall in love with the content – sometimes it’s easy to forget that nobody really cares about your brand.

It strikes me as odd that we’ve taken the old style of mass marketing, which itself has been competing for attention and eyeballs for years, and simply moved it over to digital marketing – and then, to make matters worse, have transferred that to social media. If we weren’t satisfied with the results we were seeing in the primary model, what makes us think that repeating it elsewhere would solve our problems?

Marc Benioff’s remarks at this year’s Dreamforce event were all about customer-centricity. Putting the customer first.

With the lack of attention and priorities on a thousand other things in life, your target audience is focused on themselves more than they are on you. They’re more interested in what’s going on in their lives – work schedules, running to and from commitments for their kids, sick relatives, sports scores and a thousand other things. But they aren’t really focusing on your brand most of the time.

So instead of the relentless focus on what you want to talk about, why not put your efforts into compelling messages, creating remarkable experiences (experiences that are literally worthy of remark), and giving them reasons to come back. And please, let’s provide some value for the attention they’re giving us.

All of these sentiments reflect what we’ve known for some 2,000 years, first voiced by Cicero: “If you wish to persuade me, you must think my thoughts, feel my feelings and speak my words.”

It’s a difficult market out there, where we’re all competing for attention – and largely attention that’s focused on life, rather than on the competition. There are a variety of ways to think about how to approach this, but effectively, we need to place ourselves in the lives of consumers and think more like them and less like marketers.

Post By Mantosh Pal


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